The first and foremost secret of success is to awaken the sleeping giant within you. Yes, there is a powerful giant sleeping within you. This giant is applicable of doing anything for you. You might have heard of the real life story of a man who lifts a heavy wrecked car to free a trapped driver or a woman who swims a smile from capsized boat, towing her child to safety… from where does such enormous energy comes from? Believe me ,such strength come from the sleeping giant-the hidden dynamo of the unconscious mind. That is where mental energy comes from, too!

Success people are those who have managed to keep awaken this sleeping energy within them. But how do you keep awaken sleeping energy within you? If any one had a clear answer to that, the world would have been a very different place. But psychologists have a suggestion: SET OUT OF YOUR OWN SHADOW!

It means, look deeply in to your mind. Amazing wonders exist there. What ever your situation may be, you can improve it.

First quieten your mind so that inspiration may rise from its depth. Believe that God is now helping you. Visualise achievement; hold firmly in your mind a picture not of failure but of success.

Do you things and creative thoughts will flow freely from your mind. This is an amazing phenomenon. One that changes anybody’s life including your own. An inflow of new thoughts can remodel your regardless of every difficulty you may now face.

Stop focusing on your faults and shortcomings, and give yourself credit for a few virtues now and then.

You’d be surprised to know how many people tell that they’re no good luck, that they’re hopeless failures. These people need to be kind to them, because very often self- kindedness reduces the feelings of guilt and inferiority, that are blocking the flow of power from the unconscious.

Forget about all your shortcomings, all weaknesses, your past, everything. Let’s start our life afresh with more confidence in our plus points. Here are some practical steps you can do to awaken the sleeping energy within you:

# VISUALISE YOUR SO SUCCESS: Sit down and think about what you want to do successfully l. See it in your mind, as if it was a real experience and really concentrate on it.

# DON’T BUILT OBSTACLES IN YOUR MIND : Consider what are the obstacle that might block your path to success. List everyone you can think of. As some obstacles will be real, others will only be imaginary. You must conquer both.

# BE MOTIVATED BY THE FEAR OF FAILURES: Use such anxieties positively by saying to yourself things like, ” I know this is difficult but I can do it if I try properly”…

# THINK POSITIVELY: Think positively, act positively, pray positively and believe positively.. … and powerful results will be yours.

#TALK SUCCESS TO YOURSELF: Develop the habit of giving yourself positive self-talk. Say like ‘ I can handle it ‘, ‘ I can do it’, ‘I am good at science ‘, I have good memory’,etc.. . ..

#BE EXPERIMENTAL:Be an experimental person. Try new approaches to everything. Do not follow the path of others blindly. Create your own way to goals.

# BEGIN STUDY WITH A NEW THOUGHT:Each day before you begin your study, devote five minutes to thinking ” How can I study better today?” ” How can I improve my personal efficiency?”.This exercise is simple, it workes. Try it and you will find unlimited creative ways to win greater success.

Asking yourself questions like this, puts your mind to work to find intelligent shortcuts. When you really believe you can do more, your mind thinks creatively and shows you the way.



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